Enermax MaxTytan 1250W Power Supply Review

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W

To no surprise, the MaxTytan has been a powerhouse through and through. The unit is packed to the brim with features and patented technology that is only offered by Enermax. The unit boasts top of the line components, carefully selected to provide the utmost performance and reliability.

In past reviews we have tested each unit with the silent or eco mode disabled. This has been done to give the unit a fair chance during our ambient heat test. The MaxTytan is no different, all tests were conducted with the standard fan profile.

Like most of the Enermax unit's we've tested, the MaxTytan has been completely stable and reliable. We put the unit through much abuse. We started the unit out with basic day to day use while in the isolation box. Once we saw the MaxTytan proved it could keep up, we stepped up the load and hit it with as much power draw that we could. The MaxTytan remained 100% stable and fulfilled its promise of providing 80-plus Titanium efficiency throughout the entire test cycle. It's quite a feat to have a 1250-watt behemoth retain this high of an efficiency, but the MaxTytan was able to do so with no issues. This is no doubt in part to the excellent component choice and patented twister bearing fan. While the fan isn't whisper quiet, it performed admirable and really helped to keep the components within their thermal limit. It definitely is not a loud or noisy fan and is actually a great addition to the unit. This isn't to say the fan cannot be whisper quiet, with the CoolerGenie enabled the unit becomes a completely different beast.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W Performance

While the MaxTytan is intended to represent the flag-ship model of the Enermax line, it really represents the natural evolution of the product line. With each new model Enermax has silenced our previous complaints, even those that are just us nitpicking. However, the one thing that has remained true throughout each iteration has been the performance of the units. Always top notch, always hitting the efficiency numbers and always providing a top tier user experience.

The MaxTytan has everything an enthusiast is looking for. The performance was nothing short of spectacular and represents the best of what Enermax has to offer. Anyone who is looking for a high-quality unit with sleek aesthetics and a top notch set of components and useable features should look no further than the MaxTytan.

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W

Enermax MaxTytan 1250W Power Supply

5 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

80 PLUS Titanium

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