be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W Power Supply Review

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11

Looking at the back of the unit we can see that the unit isn't fully modular. The ATX connector remains attached, but that's not a big deal since we need it anyway. For those of you looking to use aftermarket cables with different color schemes, this is unfortunately one cable you will have to keep. The overall layout is nice, but it is possible to plug in fans to the OCK port. I wish this would have been slightly modified, but for cost purposes I can see why they went this direction. The input ports are color coded so it should reduce the risk of this happening.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11

While we are talking about the layout of the modular unit, it must be said that the Dark Power Pro 11 is a gorgeous unit. Everything about it screams high quality and attention to detail. This unit is truly unique as far as the chassis is concerned. It has a completely different feel and Be quiet! have gone out of their way to provide a premium product both inside and out.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11

Cables types included are 1x 20+4-Pin ATX cable, 2x EPS/ATX12V cable, 6x 6+2-Pin / 1x 6 pin PCI-E Connector, 7x Molex, 8x SATA connectors, 2x Floppy cable and 4x external fan connectors. The connectors are all of the sleeves variety, but allow ample flex. Be quiet! took their cables a step further and ensured that all cables were extra-long. This allows for easy reach anywhere in your case and allows for the maximum amount of airflow since you won't be restricted by cable placement.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W Power Supply

5 Year Warranty, Semi-Modular

80 PLUS Platinum

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