Power Supply Calculator

April 5, 2006 - eXtreme Outer Vision Update

The following changes were made:

New additions this month

- eXtreme Flow Designer has been released! Your comments, suggestions or bugs are very welcome.

- added a separate CPU Overclock Calculator
- added CPU Temperature Calculator
- added C/W Calculator
- added Temperature Conversion tool

eXtreme PSU Calculator changes:

- added NVIDIA FX 5900
- added NVIDIA FX 5900 XT
- added NVIDIA 7600 GS
- added NVIDIA 7300 GS
- added NVIDIA 7300 LE

- updated power consumption for the following NVIDIA video cards:

7900 GTX
7900 GT
7800 GTX
7800 GT
7600 GT

- updated power consumption for the following ATI video cards:

X1900 XTX
X1900 XT
X1800 XT

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