Gamdias Cyclops X1-1200P Power Supply Review

Gamdias Cyclops X1-1200P

The GAMDIAS Cyclops has been a refreshing new entry into the PSU market. It's not for everyone and GAMDIAS isn't trying to make it for everyone. It's built for gamers by a company who is passionate about providing the best gear for the competitive player. However, that doesn't mean the unit can't fit into other consumer categories with its appealing looks. In the end, features and LED lights can't make up for performance, let's see what the Cyclops X1 has to offer.

Like past reviews, we decided to test the unit with the "Silent Mode" disabled. During testing we prefer to have a better idea of standard operating noise and temperature. The "Silent Mode" adjusts the fan curve to provide a quieter user experience, but here we are concerned with performance.

The Cyclops X1 remains a decently quiet unit. It's not one of the whisper quiet unit we've reviewed, but it certainly holds its own very well. The Fluid Dynamic bearing fan performs admirably and given the extra LED's we think the performance to feature trade-off is completely fair.

The Cyclops X1 is a gamer's dream. It delivers impressive performance while still holding on to its platinum efficiency rating. This isn't the only perk included with the Cyclops X1 as it does have improved regulation when comparing it to that of Intel's spec standard. We saw the Cyclops range between plus and minus 3% voltage regulation. The Japanese capacitors add an additional layer of performance and reliability that will keep gamer's and enthusiasts alike coming back for me. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough GPU's on hand to take on all the connectivity options offered by the unit. However, it was able to easily handle anything we threw at it.

Since this is a gaming unit, we hit it hard with some of the most graphic and power-hungry games currently available. The Cyclops X1 never even blinked when it came to power delivery. We overclocked the GPU's to provide additional performance and the Cyclops remained completely rock solid. Heat was never an issue with the unit. We tested in two separate case chassis one which had a PSU shroud and another with a more open airflow design. The unit performed great and was easily able to keep up with cooling demands. We have to say though, if you get this unit, please make sure you can enjoy the LED's, we were so bummed while testing on the shrouded chassis.

Given that the Cyclops is a completely new entry to the market, it's difficult to truly gauge its long term reliability. For the purpose our review, it was phenomenal while on the test bench and has what we consider top notch build quality. While the company may be new to the PSU market, they truly stand behind their products and that's why the Cyclops is offered with a 10-year warranty. We can't really see the downsides here and suspect reliability is going to be exceptional for years to come.

It's a new day and new world. GAMDIAS is making waves with its latest products and they aren't afraid to shake up the space and provide a feature rich experience. We suspect most of their products feature the same mindset and determination. This is a company on the rise and we hope they continue to scale the summit. We can't wait to see what else the future holds for the game gods.