Power Supply Calculator

February 17, 2017 - eXtreme Outer Vision Update

Seasonic Power Supply Calculator


eXtreme Outer Vision is excited to announce the joint launch of the Seasonic's Power Supply Calculator.

Sea Sonic, a leading manufacturer of high quality and performance PC power supplies, today launched its online Power Supply Calculator powered by eXtreme Outer Vision's PSU Calculator Core. This implementation will allow Sea Sonic's customers and computer enthusiasts to quickly and precisely identify the power supply needs for their PC builds.

How does power supply calculator work? Typically, user required to select necessary PC components in the PSU calculator form and hit "Calculate" button. PSU Calculator engine will analyze user submission and calculate power requirements based on components maximum wattage consumption under actual load. This sets aside the Outervision Power Supply Calculator from other online calculators that base their results on component's TDP (Thermal Design Power) that leads to power need overestimation.

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