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Spino | $700 Mid-Range Media Streaming PC Build

Spino - $700 Mid-Range Media Streaming PC Build

Part List

CPUIntel Core i5-4570S$197.51 Amazon >
MotherboardASUS Micro ATX H97M$300.00 Amazon >
RAMBallistix Sport 8GB Kit$.00 Amazon >
Storage 1250GB Samsung 850 EVO$96.15 Amazon >
Storage 23TB WD Blue$82.34 Amazon >
CaseSilverstone Tek Mini-ITX Case$76.55 Amazon >
PSUSeasonic S12II 620 BRONZE$80.63 Amazon >
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The Spino is an adventurous creature that isn't afraid to get himself in a bit of trouble. This beast has a strong backbone and isn't easily swayed when he sets his mind to a task. The Spino build relies on its Intel i5-4590S CPU to handle all of your streaming needs. If you need raw processing power, the Spino is ready to jump into the fray at any time.

The Spino is a perfect compromise between high performance and budget friendly. It's a great platform for improvement as well. Add on a decent GPU, increase the ram, and you have the backbone of a gaming build.

Why you want Spino PC Build?

- Great performer for media streaming
- Is ready for future expandability

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  • Intel Core i5-4570S Quad Core H97
    Intel Core i5-4570S Quad Core H97 - $.00 - Available at Amazon

    Intel Core i5-4570S 2.9GHz - 3.6GHz Quad Core Processor; Intel H97 Chipset; Intel HD Graphics 4600 (CPU-dependent)

    4GB DDR3 Memory Installed; Supports 2x 240-pin DDR3 DIMM, Maximum 16GB capacity, 1333MHz Minimum

    Supports 2x 2.5" SATA Drive

    1x Intel Gigabit LAN and 1x Atheros Gigabit LAN; Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0

    Case Dimensions: 190mm x 196mm x 62mm; 7.48" x 7.72" x 2.44" (in inches)

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