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Socket:Socket LGA 2011-3
CPU:1 x Intel Core i7-5960X
CPU Speed:4500 MHz
CPU Vcore:1.3 V
CPU Utilization:90 %
Memory:8 x 8GB DDR4 Module
Video Card Set 1:2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
Core Clock:1450 MHz
Overvoltage:20 %
Memory Clock:1950 MHz
SLI / CF:Yes
Storage:1 x PCIe SSD > 500GB
Storage:2 x SSD
Storage:2 x SATA 5.4K RPM
PCI Express Card:1 x High-End Sound Card
Other Device:1 x Fan Controller Device
Keyboard:1 x Gaming Keyboard
Mouse:1 x Gaming Mouse
Fan:6 x 140mm
Fan:5 x 120mm
Liquid Cooling Pump:2 x EKWB EK-D5 Revo
Computer Utilization:Always On (24/7)
Gaming / Heavy 3D Application Time:No Gaming / 3D Apps

Load Wattage:1498 W
12.9 A13.9 A119.6 A
113 W1435 W
Recommended UPS rating:2600 VA
Recommended PSU Wattage:1548 W

Note: The above results may differ from the actual, current PSU Calculator results due to PC parts wattage updates, bug fixes, etc.