XCLIO Stable Power 1000W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: XCLIO
Provided by: XCLIO
Model: Stable Power 1000W
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Layout and cables continued

The main ATX 24-pins motherboard connector consists of two parts: 20 and 4 pins, allowing the user to use this PSU with boards that feature 20-pin connectors. Similarly, auxiliary +12V mobo power can be supplied to boards with 4- or 8-pin connectors. These cables are fully sleeved and secured with heatshrink.

The rest of cables are only sleeved from the power supply to the first connector. Two PCI Express cables with two 6-pin connectors each providing user with ability to run Quad-SLI.

The two peripheral cables have a total of 8 (eight) 4-pin connectors and a single floppy connector.

8 (eight) native SATA connectors are equally divided between two cables and provide user with ability to connect up to 8 SATA hards drives.