XCLIO Stable Power 1000W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: XCLIO
Provided by: XCLIO
Model: Stable Power 1000W
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Packaging and contents

Let's take a look at the Stable Power 1000W package. The packaging is very impressive and it comes in a blue book style box. There is no indication of technical specifications, which is a crucial information for potential buyers.

The main box slides out of a sleeve and opens like a book. Power supply is located inside surrounded by plastic foam. The cables are separated from the power supply so there is little chance of any damage or scratches to the unit.

Inside of the XCLIO Stable Power 1000W package we find a manual, various screws, thick power cable, zip ties and of course, the Stable Power 1000W power supply wrapped in a blue plastic bag to prevent scratches.