Ultra X3 1000W ATX Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Provided by: Ultra Products
Model: X3 1000W
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Layout and cables

The Ultra X3 1000W ATX power supply is bigger than the regular ones. Its length is 190mm. Since this PSU has a 100% modular design and its modular cables are very flexible, you can save up to 50mm (2 inches) of space compare to the regular power supplies that have thick native cables sticking out from their bodies, which are usually not that flexible.

This unit comes with a quiet 135mm 12V, 3.0W ball bearing fan produced by the YOUNG LIN TECH CO LTD (UL code E199993). This is a high-speed model that has 11 blades. The fan's speed is automatically controlled by the internal component temperature (speeds up as the combined load and temperature increases).

Exhaust air exits thru the open honey comb grill on the back with minimal resistance.

The Ultra X3 1000W ATX power supply features a steel enclosure with a black-chrome mirror finish. This is a popular finish these days and is very attractive.

On the following picture you can see internal layout and components inside the Ultra X3 1000W power supply. Notice that X3 uses two main output transformers (yellow and red labels) along with the smaller +5VSB transformer on the right. The overall build quality of this unit is very good. The interior design of the Ultra X3 1000W ATX power supply is noticeably clean with minimum amount of the loose wire and/or clutter. This is very important when it comes to proper ventilation.
Remember that opening your PSU is extremely dangerous and will void your warranty!