Ultra X3 1000W ATX Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Provided by: Ultra Products
Model: X3 1000W
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Packaging and contents

The Ultra X3 1000W ATX Power Supply comes in black retail style cardboard box with eye catching bright, red colored cover. The product's name, wattage and a big X3 logo are listed on the front and rear of the box. Also, there are FlexForce, Active PFC, Warranty and Low Noise lables located on the front of the box.

After flipping up the lid on top of the box, you can see image of the power supply and its features and specifications listed right next to it.

What do we want to see on the box? As you might already know, we came up with a list of things that we would like to see listed on the power supply package, which might come handy when you buy the power supply from your local or online store.

eXtreme Outer Vision's power supply package requirements:

Features and SpecsPassed
Output SpecsPassed
PFC Type (if any)Passed
Cable SetFailed
UL CodePassed

Inside we find a separate box that contains all modular cables and power supply itself covered with protective plastic bag and two pieces of thick styrofoam to prevent from damages to PSU.

Here you can see the modular cables, power cord and the manual.