Tagan ITZ 1300W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan
Provided by: Tagan
Model: TG1300-U33 ITZ 1300W
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Features and Specifications

Before we take a closer look at the Tagan ITZ 1300W power supply, let's check its Features and Specifications taken from the box, manual and Tagan's web site.


  • Compatible with Intel EPS12V Ver.2.92 and ATX Ver.2.2 downward versions with six independent +12V rails.
  • Six independent +12V rails provide different devices individual power thus making the system stable.
  • Compliant with high-end motherboard due to 12V 4PIN and 12V 8PIN CPU power
  • Universal motherboard compatibility due to 20+4 pin main power as well as 4-pin & 8-pin +12V power connectors.
  • >80% efficiency means that power supply produces less heat and emits less noise. An economical and ecological solution.
  • Two 6PIN & two 6+2PIN PCI Express connectors support NVIDIA SLI and Quad-SLI technologies as well as ATI Crossfire graphic cards.
  • PCI-Express 6PIN and 6+2PIN cables with REMI technology reduce EMI ripples and noises. This prolongs the lifetime of devices and enhances display performance.
  • PCI-Express 6PIN & (6+2)PIN connector with numbered stickers is a smart design to avoid incorrect connection.
  • Two physic card power connectors included for higher-end users to achieve extreme display performance.
  • Combo-S2M (SATA to IDE) connectors empower all types of hard drives and allow easy management between SATA and IDE devices.
  • Six Molex 4PIN and twelve SATA 5PIN with Combo-S2M connectors result in a total of eighteen available Molex 4PIN connectors.
  • Support high-end motherboard with VGA 4pin socket for graphic card electricity.
  • Total of 18 IDE and SATA hard disks are available for top end users.
  • Automatic +12V rails in combine mode can integrate four rails into single rail with more DC output.
  • TSCT (Tagan Silence Control Technology) keeps the power supply running, even at its full-load under 30dBA. Extremely silent!
  • Best cooling system offered through dual 8cm push-pull extreme high speed fans and still functioning extremely silent.
  • Thermal Fan Control automatically adjusts fan speed thus controlling the temperature inside the power supply. (Fan speeds up when temperature rises.)
  • Super-big heat sink inside the power supply releases heat with optimal efficiency.
  • Titanium blue mirror chassis for fancy gaming system.
  • Black mesh and copper-shielded cables help user to optimize airflow and makes the cables short-circuit-proof.
  • Internal OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) functions avoid sudden power surge which cause damages to peripherals.
  • Anti-vibration rubber avoids vibration and reduces noise.
  • Embedded AC input socket avoids interference with PC case.
  • Big I/O switch with water and dust proof rubber covering.
  • Universal AC input range for all countries: 115~230VAC(±10% tolerance) with active PFC for better power performance.
  • Including cable ties for cable management.
  • Unique ground wire with golden pin can release static electricity from power supply to avoid damages.
+12V Output Distribution:

  +12V1 > Main ATX, single 4 Pin Molex
  +12V2 > 8 Pin EPS12V, 4 Pin ATX connectors
  +12V3 > SATA, 4 Pin Molex connectors
  +12V4 > 2x6 Pin PCI-e Physic Card connectors
  +12V5 > 1x6 Pin PCI-e and 1x8 Pin PCI-e connectors
  +12V6 > 1x6 Pin PCI-e and 1x8 Pin PCI-e connectors


Model: TG1300-U33
Maximum Power: 1300W
Fans: 2x80mm
Noise Level: 26dB@2540RPM PFC: Active
Multiple 12V: Yes (6 Rails)
Efficiency: >80%
AC Input Voltage: 115-230VAC(±10% Tolerance)
AC Input Frequency: 50~60Hz
AC Input Current: 18-10A
DC Output: +3.3V@26A,+5V@30A,+12V@92A(6 Rails),-12V@1A,+5VSB@6A

Approvals: TUV, UL, CE, CB, FCC, Semko, Nemko, Demko, Fimko
MTBF: >100,000 hrs at full load and 25°C; >30,000 hrs at full load and 50°C
Warranty: 3 years

TAGAN TECHNOLOGY CO LTD is listed as the manufacturer of the Tagan ITZ 1300W Power Supply in Online Certification Directory under UL File Number E223995.