Tagan ITZ 1300W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan
Provided by: Tagan
Model: TG1300-U33 ITZ 1300W
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Power, power, I need more power! With its latest ITZ 1300W power supply, Tagan brings satisfaction to the most power hungry enthusiast's systems. If you run dual or quad core system, single or multiple GPUs Tagan got you covered.

Today, I am going to review the latest addition to Tagan's power supply family, the Tagan TG1300-U33 ITZ 1300W power supply. What does ITZ name stand for? ITZ stands for "In The Zone" and suggests the level of performance, which extreme gamer/enthusiast should be able to enjoy with this model

Tagan Company Philosophy

The spirit and philosophy of TAGAN´s birth: To carry out state-of-art technologies for the best quality power supplies and to offer them to all users.

Our simple reason to give TAGAN’s birth:

We are a group of professional technical guys living in different countries –Germany, Japan and Silicon Valley (USA). All of us have had a couple of negative experience implementing Power Supply (PS) into systems. It is frustrating, time consuming and risky! By a very valuable opportunity, 2001 in Taipei`s Computex show, all of us met each other at a dinner party, we occasionally sat together and discussed about the power supply problems.

Based on our professional background and know-how, we suddenly all decided to study more about power supply and conduct some testing for finding out the best one. After almost a year`s teamwork in discussion, design, and developing, our team of international experts have designed some of the best and reliable power supplies for the PC as well as all the various systems. Consequently, all of us have become the founders of TAGAN. We are more than happy to share these products and experiences with you.

TAGAN´s strongest foundation - The best international professionals

  • The best power supply thermal-cooling and low-noise professional from Germany
  • The best power supply design professional from Japan
  • The best system-level power supply technical advisor from Silicon Valley (USA)
  • The best power supply manufactures from Taiwan and China

TAGAN offers - The power supplies state-of-art technologies

  • Quiet enough! To make you sometime forget a power supply is working in your system
  • Cool enough! Not only cool the power supply itself also cool your system
  • Durable enough! So we can grant 36 month of warranty without problems
  • Efficient enough! To save your cost and energy
  • Low radiation emission! To protect your health and environment.
  • Value for your money! EMI Shield, PCI-Express socket capacitor, and many extras.

That is why TAGAN is coming to serve you!!