Tagan BZ1100 1100W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan
Provided by: Tagan
Model: BZ 1100
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Layout and cables

The Tagan BZ1100 1100W power supply features a steel enclosure with black finish.

BZ1100 has the same size as ITZ 1300W, which I reviewed back in October of 2007 and is only slightly larger than regular ATX unit. The dimensions are 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 175mm(L).

The open grill on the back allows the exhaust air to exit the power supply with minimal resistance and combined with 135mm fan ensures that power supply stays cool. You can also see the sticker that states "Auto Turbo Switch" meaning that power supply can combine all +12V rails together if necessary.

Here you can see modular connectors. The same connectors or EZ plugs are used by ePower EP-1200P10-T2 1200W Tiger Series power supply. The only difference is colored LED rings around the base of each connection point added by Tagan.

This unit comes with a single quiet 135mm 12V, 0.7A LED fan. It carries Tagan's label but qas most likely manufactured by Globe Fan.

Internal layout. All components inside of the BZ1100 are well placed. Voltage rectifier mounted to heatsink followed by a large coil with two large electrolytic capacitors. Tagan describes all of their internal components as "industrial grade".

Remember, that opening your PSU is extremely dangerous and will void your warranty!