Tagan BZ1100 1100W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan
Provided by: Tagan
Model: BZ 1100
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Packaging and contents

The Tagan BZ1100 1100W power supply arrived in excellent condition thanks to a very good packaging used by Tagan. The PSU packaged itself is very colorful with black background and has features, specifications, cable set and list of included accessories printed on its sides. There is also "Certified by ABS LAB" logo on the front side of the package.

eXtreme Outer Vision's power supply package requirements:

Features and SpecsPassed
Output SpecsPassed
PFC Type (if any)Failed
Cable SetPassed
UL CodePassed

Tagan added a nice touch to appeal of its BZ series by covering BZ1100 with a drawstring bag. A small thing but nice, and much better than regular plastic bag solution that many power supply manufacturers utilize.

All modular cables and accessories are stored in zippered carrying bag, which is also nice, especially if you want to keep track of unused cables or accessories. Along with power supply and zippered carrying bag, you can see user manual and $10 OFF discount card for ABS Gaming Gear Store.

The content of zippered carrying bag consists of:

Power cable
Four sets of modular cables
Velcro cable bands
Wire ties
Rubber anti-vibration gasket
Chassis Screws
SATA to Molex adapters
4 pin Molex to FDD Y-cable with two FDD connectors
Screw driver
Gloves with ABS logo
"Certified by ABS LAB" sticker