Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan Technology
Provided by: Tagan Technology
Model: SP-1000E 1000W
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Layout and cables continued

The main 24-pin ATX connector can detach the extra 4-pins for backwards compatibility with older 20-pin motherboards. Likewise, the 8-pin EPS 12V connector can be split in two and the first 4-pins become ATX12V connector. There is also a separate 4-pin ATX 12V P4 connector.

There are total of four PCI-Express cables that can be used in the following combinations: 2x8-Pin + 2x6-Pin PCI-Express OR 4x6-Pin PCI-Express. As you can see from the picture below, two of the PCI-Express connectors have additional modular parts to make 8-Pin PCI-Express connectors to use with latest high-end graphics cards.

It is good to see four separate SATA cables with a total of 8 SATA connectors. I'd like to mention that SATA and 4-Pin Molex lanes both utilize the same +12V2 rail.

Here you can see four peripheral cables with a total of ten 4-Pin Molex connectors and two floppy connectors.