Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan Technology
Provided by: Tagan Technology
Model: SP-1000E 1000W
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Layout and cables

The Silver Power SP-1000E does not have modular cables, however to give it a nice appearance and keep the cables tidy they are all wrapped in a black mesh sleeving. My colleagues from Europe reported that ALL cables are sleeved. In my case all peripheral and SATA cables were sleeved only from the power supply to the first connector. Perhaps mine unit was one of the first to come to US and the rest will have all cables sleeved. The power supply features a single 80mm low noise brushless fan for cooling. Fan manufacturer is ADDA and its specifications include 43.8cfm at a rotational speed of 3400rpm and a noise level of 40dBA. Both the chassis and fan grill are a flat black, giving the PSU a cool look.

A red indicator means the power supply is receiving power, however the system is not turned on. If the system is powered on and the power supply is working properly, the indicator will switch to green.

Upon removing the top of the PSU chassis, we can see how tight a fit it is for all the various components, but everything is well arranged and not too overcrowded. After all, this is a 1000W unit with size of a just a bit longer regullar ATX power supply. There are also two high-quality capacitors and several large wire-wound inductors with heavy guage copper wire and a quite large yellow transformer. Three large aluminium heatsinks draw heat away from the mosfets and other components.

Clearly printed on the PCB is the six +12V rails, typically this is just a split from a common 12V feed off the main transformer. By splitting the power it allows for proper over-current protection, and capacitors can be placed on each rail aiding in power stability.

It has four vertical PCBs and one of them, which is located where the +12V rails split, contains four adjustable potentiometers (pots). The power supply cover has two small cut-outs on the side, which make these pots accessible from the outside (picture below). Earlier we thought that these are for voltage adjustments but I just received a confirmation from Tagan that they are VRs to adjust power or OCP protection points, so don't mess with them. Remember that opening your PSU is extremely dangerous and will void your warranty.