Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan Technology
Provided by: Tagan Technology
Model: SP-1000E 1000W
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Packaging and contents

The Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply comes in an very nice (and flashy) retail style double walled cardboard box with carrying handle, which is quite useful as this is a heavy PSU that weights over 8 lbs. Printed on the side of the packaging is a table that details the power distribution over its 10 rails. Back of the box reveals information on the PSU's features printed in 6 languages and its 24 months guarantee.

Power supply is located inside surrounded by styrofoam. PSU body is covered with plastic bag, which in my case was a little bit small and did not cover the whole power supply. Cables are separated from the power supply to avoid scratches. I think it would be a good idea to wrap them with a buble wrap.

Included with the power supply is the power cord, screws, and manual. The manual is 6 pages long and contains very useful information such as the PSU's specifications, Input and Output parameters, protection, environment, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, M.T.B.F., fan speed control; ripple voltage test circuit, timing and mechanical requirements figures, as well as rail distribution.