Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Tagan Technology
Provided by: Tagan Technology
Model: SP-1000E 1000W
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Features and Specifications

Before we take a closer look at the Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply, let's check its Features and Specifications taken from the manual and specifications sheet provided by Tagan.


• Meets newest requirements: Intel ATX12V Rev 2.2 and EPS12V Rev 2.9.
• Six independent +12V Rails for more stability and safety.
• Support 2x8-Pin + 2x6-Pin PCI-Express or 4x6-Pin PCI-Express-connectors for High-End Graphic cards using NVidia’s SLI or ATI’s Crossfire Technology
• Active Power Factor Correction with a high PF value of > 0.98
• Extra high efficiency more than 80% at full load which minimizes cost, energy and heat.
• Build-in Low Noise 80 mm fan with thermal speed control
• Maximum continuous total DC output power should not exceed 1000W
• Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3 VDC and +5 VDC outputs shall not exceed 170W
• Maximum peak total DC output power should not exceed 1100W
• Peak power and current loading shall be supported for a minimum of 12 seconds
• Maximum combined current for the 12V outputs shall be 80A
• Peak current for the combined 12V outputs shall be 85A
• Universal AC input: 100V – 240V No adapter needed worldwide.

I would like to add that Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply is indeed ATI CrossFire Certified, though, there is no mentioning on the box or manual. However you can see it on Tagan's web site. And if you want a real proof you can check a list of ATI CrossFire Certified power supplies by clicking here.

+12V Output Distribution:
  +12V1 > 6-Pin PCI-Express connector #2
  +12V2 > 4-Pin Molex and SATA connectors
  +12V3 > Main ATX 24-Pin and 8-Pin PCI-Express connector #2
  +12V4 > ATX 12V P4 connector and 8-Pin PCI-Express connector #1
  +12V5 > 6-Pin PCI-Express connector #1
  +12V6 > EPS 12V 8-Pin connector

Main ATX 20+4 Pins modular connector
EPS 12V 4+4 Modular connector for 8-Pin or 4-Pin ATX power
ATX 12V P4 connector
PCI-Express * 8-Pin 2PCS + 6-Pin 2PCS OR 6-Pin 4PCS
4 Pins Molex connector * 10PCS
Floppy * 2PCS


Model: SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX
Maximum Power: 1000W
Fans: 1 * 80mm Low Noise fan with thermal speed control
PFC: Active
Multiple 12V: Yes
Power Good Signal: 100-500ms
Efficiency: 80% under full Load at nominal input voltage
Power Factor Correction (PFC): >0.95 at full load
  - OPP (Over Power Protection)
  - OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
  - OCP (Over Current Protection)
  - SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
  - UVP (Under Voltage Protection)

Input Voltage: Auto voltage detection 90V~264V
Output: +3.3V@25A;+5V@30A;+12V1@18A;+12V2@18A;+12V3@28A;+12V4@28A;+12V5@18A;+12V6@18A;-12V@0.5A;+5VSB@3.0A
MTBF: 100,000 hours at 25°C ambient, full load
Safety: Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognition. The power supply designed to meet UL 1950 and must bear the German Bauart Mark from TUV

Who is the OEM manufacturer of this power supply? UL code E166947 references ENHANCE ELECTRONICS CO LTD. as the OEM manufacturer of the Silver Power SP-1000E 1000W GuardianX Power Supply. ENHANCE ELECTRONICS CO LTD. has been in business since 1986 and from what I can tell the number of companies that choose ENHANCE ELECTRONICS CO LTD. as their OEM power supply manufacturer grow rapidly.