FSP Group Everest 1010W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: FSP Group
Provided by: FSP Group
Model: Everest 1010
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Pricing and Conclusions

The average street price of the FSP Group Everest 1010W power supply as of November 2008 is $279.99. However, you can find it at FSP's direct online shop for $199.99 (that's 29% off!).

Cost per watt. As you can see the average cost per watt is $0.19, which is very good value!


I dealt with FSP's power supplies many times in the past. Either it was an OEM unit that came with off-the-shelf PC or replacement for one of the failed PSUs at work, I never had a single issue with FSP units. FSP Group Everest 1010W is no different from its predecessors from the quality stand point as it has an excellent build quality.

During my testing, the FSP Group Everest 1010W power supply was very stable and did not have any failures or other performance issues. The voltage fluctuations were minimal and the voltages stayed well within ATX standards.
The FSP Group Everest 1010W has stability and good thermal characteristics, features four +12V rails, Active PFC, >85% efficiency, support for 8-Pin PCI-Express, and 3 year warranty. The only downside of this unit is its fan, which gets a bit noisy under continuous load (>60%).

  -   Modular design
  -   Four +12V rails
  -   Active PFC
  -   >85% Efficiency
  -   NVIDIA SLI-ready certified
  -   Solid build quality
  -   Compact case dimensions
  -   All cables fully sleeved
  -   3 year warranty

  -   Noise level under load

Given the solid performance, good build quality and features listed above I award the FSP Group Everest 1010W power supply the eXtreme Outer Vision Highly Recommended award!