FSP Group Everest 1010W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: FSP Group
Provided by: FSP Group
Model: Everest 1010
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Layout and cables

The FSP Group Everest 1010W power supply has a compact size and measures 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 165mm(L).

The open grill on the back allows the exhaust air to exit power supply with minimal resistance and combined with 120mm variable-speed fan ensures that power supply stays cool.

This unit comes with a single Protechnic ball bearing fan with variable-speed. Model MGA12012YB-O25, 12V, 0.68A, maximum speed 2900rpm at full load. At low and typical loads fan noise stays around 30-35dB, which is ok but when it comes to the full load, noise jumps to 45+dB. Fan noise is probably the only drawback of Everest 1010.

Internal layout of the FSP Group Everest 1010W power supply is clean and simple. All components inside of the Everest 1010 are well placed. I'd like to note that mosfet heatsinks are rather small compared to other power supply brands and this could be the reason why it has more powerful and noisier fan.

Remember, that opening your PSU is extremely dangerous and will void your warranty!