ePower EP-1200P10-T2 1200W Tiger Series XLR-Type Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Topower Computer Industrial Co., Ltd
Provided by: ePower Technology
Model: EP-1200P10-T2 1200W
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Layout and cables continued

Let's check the EZ plugs. Remember I said I was skeptical about this type of connectors earlier? Now I just love them! These EZ connectors or plugs are called Din connectors. They feature a small threaded ring nut which you need to tight to ensure that the plug will never come lose. Also, it is important to note that this power supply has keyed connections that help to sort cables out. This prevents the end user from accidentally hooking anything up incorrectly.

Here you can see a few cables connected to the power supply. Noticed the 'mirror effect'? Nice, isn't it?

Now, it's time to sort the cables out! On the image below we have native cables that come from the power supply. They are:

  • Main 20+4 pin motherboard power connector
  • 1 cable with three 4-Pin Molex power connectors and one floppy drive power connector
  • 1 8-Pin EPS12V connector
  • 1 4-Pin ATX12V P4 connector

Four (2x6-Pin and 2x6+2-Pin) PCI Express and one 4-Pin Molex cables are shielded and have EMI filters added to enhance video performance by stabilizing the output current to the video cards. Having that single 4-Pin Molex power cable is useful if you are planing to use an AGP video card.

On this image you can see three cables with 12 SATA connectors! That's what I'm talking about!

In addition, you have a single cable with two 6-Pin PCI Express connectors for physics cards, one cable with three 4-Pin Molex power connectors, and one floppy drive power connector, which brings it to a total of seven 4-Pin Molex connectors.

And this is what a SATA to Molex adepter looks like. There is a total of 4 of them.

So far, everything was almost perfect until I got to the actual installation point. The length of the SATA and Molex connectors is about 35mm, plus the cables are not very flexible. If you have a LIAN LI PC-V2100 or similar case with perpendicular hard drives mount, you might be in troubles. I was not able to put the side panel back because the long connectors and cables were sticking out. This is definitely something that ePower should take care of. However, you will be fine if you have a parallel HDD setup or a bigger case.

Power cables lenght
CableLenght, mm
Main ATX600
EPS12V 8-Pin600
ATX12V P4600
4-Pin Molex 1st connector600
SATA 1st connector600
PCI Express 1st connector600
all cables, distance between 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, etc. connectors150