ePower EP-1200P10-T2 1200W Tiger Series XLR-Type Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Topower Computer Industrial Co., Ltd
Provided by: ePower Technology
Model: EP-1200P10-T2 1200W
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Layout and cables

The ePower EP-1200P10-T2 1200W Tiger Series XLR-Type Power Supply comes with its native and modular cables. You can see the dimensions on the picture below. The length is 175mm from back to front, but if we add the EZ connectors sticking out of the PSU it would be 180mm.

The body of the power supply has a very nice chrome finish with mirror effect. It looks very similar to what OCZ did with their PowerStream series.

The EP-1200P10-T2 is equipped with 120mm Sanyo Denki 2-ball bearing fan model 9G1212H401. This fan has the following specs: 12V, 0.31A, 2850 RPM, 2.5m³/min air flow, 40 dBA and a life expectancy of 40,000 hours.

The back of the PSU has 'Combined' 12V rail indicator LED. This power supply is capable of switching between independent or combined 12V rails, which is a very handy for power draw peaks.

The interior design of the ePower EP-1200P10-T2 1200W Tiger Series XLR-Type Power Supply is noticeably clean with a minimal of loose wire and/or clutter. This is very important when it comes to proper ventilation.

Inside we will find the industrial grade components and 2 big transformers made by Topower. Notice, that wires leading to the interior I/O panel are made of a heavier wire gauge, which is not a usual part of every power supply. The bottom line, thicker wire is better. There are also two high-quality capacitors and several large wire-wound inductors with heavy gauge copper wire.