ePOWER EP-350-CD UNI 350W Dedicated Graphic Card and CPU Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Topower Computer Industrial Co., Ltd
Provided by: ePower Technology
Model: EP-350-CD UNI 350W
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Layout and cables continued

This is a picture of the cable set, which comes with this model, and is printed on the box. Set includes:

1 x 8pin EZ-Plug to ATX12V 4pin connector
1 x 8pin EZ-Plug to EPS12V 8pin connector
2 x 8pin EZ-Plug to PCI-E (6+2)pin connector
2 x 6pin EZ-Plug to PCI-E 6pin connector

Here you can see EPS12V 8pin and ATX 12V 4pin modular cables. The length of the ATX12V cable is 13.1" and EPS12V is 13.5". The first problem I encountered with these cables, is that EPS12V cable is too short for my LIAN LI PC-V2100B case, which has motherboard mounted upside-down. It was short by few inches...

On this picture you can see four PCI-Express cables (2 x 6pin and 2 x 6+2pin).

The second problem I encountered with this unit, is that 8pin (6+2) PCI-Express connectors are NOT standard, hey will not connect because the pins are keyed incorrectly.

Although you can detach the +2pins and have four 6pin PCI-Expres connectors, the use of 8pin connectors is not possible with cables of this unit. My particular model was released in July 2007, so hopefully ePOWER has addressed this issue already.