Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Enermax
Provided by: Coolergiant Computers
Model: EGA1000EWL (active PFC)
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Layout and cables

As you can see, from the picture above, the Galaxy 1000W EGA1000EWL is quite long. This can cause some installation issues depending on what case you have. I'd recommend to add an additional 30-50mm to the length of the power supply in order to compensate for the native cables that coming out of the front of the power supply.

The Enermax Galaxy has enough native cables to suit most of the computers and most likely, you won't need any of the modular cables. Galaxy does not have a native FDD (floppy disk drive) cable. However it is available as a part of the modular EMC006: 2x4P Molex + FDD cable. Many folks (including myself) still use it to flash video cards and some motherboards.

Front side with modular connectors and native cables. On the top you can see 135mm fan which utilizes Smart Fan technology.

After zooming in you can see 2 Graphics Sockets (dark red connectors) and 6 Peripheral Sockets.

The back side contains another fan. Have you noticed the green LED and the reset button below? That's the PowerGuard. See Features page with a list of the operational modes.