Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Enermax
Provided by: Coolergiant Computers
Model: EGA1000EWL (active PFC)
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Features and Specifications

When I received Galaxy power supply, it was well packed, and the actual PSU box had impressive images that described the capabilities of this "BEAST": four video graphic cards, quad processors and twenty-four hard drives. To me, it was a very clear message - "Galaxy can handle almost anything".

Inside of the main box you will find two more cardboard boxes. One of them contains the extension cables and another box contains the power supply itself. Even though, they are regular cardboard boxes, Enermax put some cool looking embossing on them.

The content of these two boxes is more than everything you would expect to come with a PSU.

1. Galaxy PSU
2. Extension (modular) cables
3. Cabling storage pouch
4. Power cable
5. Mounting screws
6. Lanyard
7. Case badge
8. Instruction guide