Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Enermax
Provided by: Coolergiant Computers
Model: EGA1000EWL (active PFC)
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Enermax Galaxy 1000W model EGA1000EWL is the only 1000W power supply that features five +12 volts rails rated with 17 AMPs each! Yes, that's right, five +12 volts rails which makes it one of the most powerful power supplies for the desktops and servers available on the market today.

It was designed to handle SLI, Crossfire and multi CPU systems. In fact, it's Quad SLI and Quad CPU ready, and it is the first power supply that is compliant with the EPS12V 3.0 standard.

It will provide you with super stability (be you a gamer or computer enthusiast or just building that file server with tons of hard drives...), and at the same time it is cool looking and weighs only 12 pounds (almost 6 Kg). It will be a good investment for a long time.
Also I'd like to add that modular cables are a great addition to this power supply! I was skeptical about modular PSUs until I actually tried one of them. It makes a life much easier.

Let's take a closer look on this beauty.