Corsair TX650 650W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Corsair
Provided by: Corsair
Model: CMPSU-650TX
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Layout and cables

The Corsair TX650 650W power supply has size of the regular ATX unit and measures 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 150mm(L).

The open grill on the back allows the exhaust air to exit power supply with minimal resistance and combined with 120mm fan ensures that power supply stays cool.

This unit comes with a single and quiet ADDA 120mm ball bearing fan. Model AD1212HB-A71GL, 12V, 0.37A, maximum speed 2200RPM.

Internal layout of the Corsair TX650W power supply is rather simple. All components inside of the TX650 are well placed.

EDIT: 03/04/2008 I received a few emails from our readers that suggest the TX650 built by Seasonic. However, the official confirmation from Corsair representative states that this unit built by Channel Well Technology. I will double check with Corsair and keep you posted.

Corsair uses high quality Japanese capacitors from Matsushita and Chemi-Con manufacturers with rating of 105°C operation.

Interesting to note that PCB has four +12V labels on it. However, Corsair features unified OVP controller that translates four lines into a single +12V line.

Remember, that opening your PSU is extremely dangerous and will void your warranty!