Corsair TX650 650W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Corsair
Provided by: Corsair
Model: CMPSU-650TX
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Packaging and contents

The Corsair TX650 650W power supply arrived in excellent condition thanks to a very good packaging and PSU protection used by Corsair. The PSU packaged itself has features, specifications, cable set printed on its sides.

eXtreme Outer Vision's power supply package requirements:

Features and SpecsPassed
Output SpecsPassed
PFC Type (if any)Passed
Cable SetPassed
UL CodePassed

All 9 check points passed our package requirements. This is something you do not see everyday! And if you happen to be in the store to pick up power supply, Corsair made it easy for you by listing all necessary information on its TX box.

Inside of the package, the TX650W power supply is enclosed between two fitted pieces of thick styrofoam, which protects power supply well. In addition, power supply itself has a double protection from scratches. It is covered by plastic and soft drawstring bags.

The content of the TX650 package consists of:

Power cable
Zip ties
Four mounting screws
User manual
Corsair case badge