CoolMax CUQ-1200B 1200W ATX/EPS 12V Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Coolmax Technology, Inc.
Provided by: Coolmax Technology, Inc.
Model: CUQ-1200B 1200W
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We have another 1200W power supply for review! This time I will review the CoolMax CUQ-1200B 1200W ATX/EPS 12V power supply provided by Coolmax Technology, Inc.

During the past year, the increased competition in the power supply industry has greatly improved quality between the various manufacturers. Is CoolMax one of them? Will the CUQ-1200B 1200W ATX/EPS 12V power supply satisfy the needs of demanding enthusiasts? You will find out answers very soon.

About the company: Coolmax Technology, Inc.

Coolmax Technology, Inc. is a rapidly growing company that was founded in the year 1992. Our initial task of providing cooling solutions for electrical and industrial applications using AC and DC voltage fans is our solid foundation. Our commitment to excellence in both products and service had earned for us the reputation as a leading thermal solutions provider in the industry. We strive to work hard, hand in hand with our clients, from the biggest to the smallest. They rely on our company's ability to provide quick and professional responses to inquiries and production demands. Our factories are located in China and are ISO9000 and 14001 certified, all our products are UL, TUV, CSA, CE approved. Coolmax is dedicated to providing the best cooling solutions engineered for a high-tech world while maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Along with this line, we are also channeling our efforts to include our services in the field of Rapid Injection Molding. Our focus is to provide new product developers and designers with the fastest and least-expensive way to obtain low volumes of plastic injection molded parts.

In this regard, we have also embarked on a new venture that will allow us to provide high quality cold forged and extruded heat sinks for a variety of applications. Our world class products can support the high-end PCs in both electronics and industrial applications.

As with many companies, the focus of the company soon diversified as technological advancements created new and exciting opportunities. The challenge of providing computer users with only the best that the industry could offer opened us to a whole new horizon of opportunities in product innovations. Thus, we were able to branch out into other fields. Our major product line includes External Enclosures for hard drives, CD Rom/DVD drives, Power Supplies, Cables and Case Mods. Today, our company has since grown tremendously to emerge as one of the industry's leading computer components manufacturer. We remain continuously focused on providing the best value in the marketplace for our products and services. And as the saying goes: "Successful companies need to continually re-invent themselves." - we agree 100%.