Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.
Provided by: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.
Model: RS-C50-EMBA-D2
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Pricing and Conclusions

The Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W is new tp the market and it's very hard to find it in stores yet. Considering that the 1000W version generally sells for about $260-$290 USD, expect to pay well over $300 for the Real Power Pro 1250W unit.


During my testing, the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W power supply was very stable and no failures/performance issues were detected. There were tiny fluctuation on +5V rail but the voltages stayed well within ATX standards.

The Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W has both stability and silence, great DC output quality, good voltage regulation, excellent efficiency (> 85%) and features Active PFC, nine PCI-Express connectors (3 x 8-Pin and 6 x 4-Pin), six +12V rails, protections such as OVP/OCP/OTP/OPP/SCP/UVP and whooping 5 year warranty!

  -   Six +12V rails
  -   Silent
  -   High efficiency and power factor rating
  -   Excellent build quality
  -   All cables are fully sleeved
  -   5 year warranty

  -   Not a modular design
  -   Requires AC circuit rating of 16A or more

Given the solid performance, excellent build quality and features price, I award the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W the eXtreme Outer Vision Highly Recommended award!