BFG Tech ES-800 800W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: BFG Tech
Provided by: BFG Tech
Model: ES-800
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Pricing and Conclusions

The average street price of the BFG Tech ES-800 800W power supply as of November 2008 is $139.99. You can find it practically at every online retailer.

Cost per watt. As you can see the average cost per watt is $0.17, which is a great value!


BFG Tech has done it again. Not only BFG is one of the top NVIDIA based graphics card manufacturers but its ES series power supplies are just simply outstanding! In the matter of fact, this unit is currently powers one of our gaming PCs ;)

During my testing, the BFG Tech ES-800 800W power supply was exceptionally stable and did not have any failures or other performance issues. The voltage fluctuations were minimal and the voltages stayed well within ATX standards.
The BFG Tech ES-800 800W has stability and outstanding thermal characteristics, features four +12V rail, Frequency Conversion technology, Active PFC, >80% efficiency, support for 8-Pin PCI-Express, and unbeatable Lifetime Warranty!

  -   Four +12V rail with 52A
  -   Frequency Conversion technology
  -   Active PFC
  -   >80% Efficiency
  -   Good build quality
  -   All cables fully sleeved
  -   NVIDIA SLI-ready
  -   Japanese capacitors
  -   Good value for money
  -   Lifetime Warranty

  -   None

Given the outstanding performance, solid build quality and features listed above I award the BFG Tech ES-800 800W power supply the eXtreme Outer Vision Editor's Choice award!

eXtreme Outer Vision Editor's Choice award