BFG Tech ES-800 800W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: BFG Tech
Provided by: BFG Tech
Model: ES-800
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Packaging and Contents

The BFG Tech ES-800 800W power supply arrived in excellent condition thanks to a very good packaging and PSU protection used by BFG. The PSU packaged itself has features, specifications, cable set printed on its sides.

eXtreme Outer Vision's power supply package requirements:

Features and SpecsPassed
Output SpecsPassed
PFC Type (if any)Failed
Cable SetPassed
UL CodeFailed

There is no mentioning about PFC Type or UL Code on the box.

Inside of the package, the ES-800 power supply is enclosed between two fitted pieces of thick styrofoam, which protects power supply well. In addition, power supply itself is covered by plastic bag to prevent scratches.

The content of the ES-800 package consists of:

ES-800 power supply
Power cable
Cable straps
Mounting screws
User manual

I would like to note that user manual is very detailed and contains most of the information required to know about this PSU. It covers rail breakdown, power table specifications, safety features, warranty information, pinouts, installation instructions, electrical specifications, and physical specifications. The manual also contains instructions on how to test the ripple and noise of the unit.