Antec TPQ-850 TruePower Quattro 850W Power Supply

Category: Power Supply
Manufacturer: Antec, Inc.
Provided by: Antec, Inc.
Model: Quattro 850-EC
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Layout and cables

The Antec TPQ-850 TruePower Quattro 850W Power Supply comes with its native and modular cables. You can see the dimensions on the picture below.

The body is painted in a black color with racing stripe paint job, which really does add some extra style!
The TPQ-850 is equipped with 80mm ADDA DC brushless fan, model AD 0812UB-A70GL, which has the following specs: 12V, 0.30A, 3400 RPM, 43.8 CFM, 40 dBA.

On this image we can see three black and two red modular connectors. Black ones are for SATA/Molex, and red ones are for additional PCI-Express modular cables.

Let's take a look under the hood. Two huge heatsinks which extend over the top and cover the components. My first impression was "Wow! This puppy is well stuffed". However, under the heatsinks everything is well arranged and not too overcrowded. Bigger heatsink, which is connected to the main transistors, is placed directly against 80mm fan and its fins are aligned to assure proper air flow.

There are also several large wire-wound inductors with heavy gauge copper wire and a large yellow transformer, which is hidden under the heatsink. Also, there is one big Nippon Chemi-Con capacitor.

On top of the smaller heatsink, covered by a protective film, we find a PCB with clearly printed on it four +12V rail labels. Typically this is a split from a common 12V feed off the main transformer.

I must say Antec did a great job with TPQ-850 design and its components. Outstanding quality!