NZXT E850 850W Power Supply Review


Throughout the years, NZXT has positioned itself as peripheral royalty. They have continued to innovate and provide smart performance driven peripherals across the entire spectrum.

The NZXT E-series is positioned to dominate the market, for starters these units are all digital. This allows the unit to relay much more information which subsequently allows for greater control over the unit itself. The new E-series units are all 80 Plus Gold certified and range from 500 watts to 850 watts. Today we are fortunate enough to be taking a look at the E-850. This 850-watt, 80 Plus Gold rated unit can perform at up to 93% efficiency while under load. Each unit is built to exacting tolerances and feature 105C Japanese Capacitors.


Temperature control is always a hot topic in the test bench. In today's market, it has become essential to include a great fan with any top tier PSU. Not only does it need to be great, but the unit needs to offer some form of silent operation. NZXT is well aware of this and being the innovative company that they are have decided to enhance the experience. They accomplish this by allowing for a completely custom software-controlled fan curve. Not only is this feature completely customizable, but it also can intelligently disable the fan when power draw is less than 100-watts.


The NZXT E-series are completely modular by design. In combination with the CAM software, the unit offers the ability to monitor the power draw of not just the entire unit in real time, but of each individual component such as the GPU, CPU, and other peripherals. NZXT has taken digital to the next level as you can now monitor temperature, voltage, historical power draw and even the number of hours the unit has been running.

NZXT's careful integration with its current ecosystem shows its dedication to the end user and the enthusiast market. They could have just built a great high-performance power supply, slapped a couple of LEDs' in it and called it a day, but this is a company that was needed back in the market.


NZXT E850 850W Power Supply

10 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

80 PLUS Gold

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