be quiet! Straight Power 11 850W Power Supply Review

Gamdias Cyclops X1-1200P

Performance: 9.9/10 (40% of the final score)
The BeQuiet Straight Power 11 has turned the dial past 10. This unit has been a rock-solid performer with a no-frills attitude. The change to the new wire free DC design and all Japanese capacitors prove BeQuiet's resolve in making the best units it can. The Straight Power 11 improved on an already great unit in all the right areas and was impressive to say the least.

Features: 9.8/10 (20% of the final score)
The feature set of the Straight Power 11 isn't what you see on the outside, but what BeQuiet has engineered on the inside. The unit does a great job of improving on our past complaints with the Straight Power 10. It's fully modular, it incorporates all Japanese capacitors, and as a bonus it even improves on reliability.

Components/Build Quality: 10/10 (20% of the final score)
Like we previously mentioned, the build quality has improved with the Straight Power 11. Only the highest quality components have been used such as the Japanese capacitors and Silent Wings 3 fan. The wire free DC design really sets this unit apart. The chassis is high quality and the extra engineering towards cooling extends all the components longevity.

Value: 9.8/10 (20% of the final score)
At the time of writing the BeQuiet Straight Power 850w is going for $169.99 from Newegg. With competitor models ranging anywhere from $115-$200+ the BeQuiet is positioned in a prime location right in the middle of the pack. The unit has a lot to offer at a great price and while it may not be the fanciest unit when it comes to appearance, it excels when it comes to actual performance and reliability.





Components/Build Quality




Final Score 9.88


BeQuiet has been one of the most exciting companies to follow. Their designs are always well executed and have something to offer beyond the rest of the competition. This is true for all products in their range and is a real testament to the company's values. The Straight Power 11 has addressed all of our immediate concerns with the Straight Power 10 series. It boasts an impressive slew of improvements in the most critical areas of the unit, while retaining it's no nonsense approach to design and performance. The Straight Power 11 is an overall impressive and fantastically designed unit that fits right into the BeQuiet lineup. This unit is perfect in any rig especially those seeking the utmost performance while retaining a robust internal design.

eXtreme Outer Vision Recommended

be quiet! Straight Power 11 850W

be quiet! Straight Power 11 850W Power Supply

5 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

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