Gamdias Cyclops X1-1200P Power Supply Review

Gamdias Cyclops X1-1200P

Today we are taking a look at something completely new and very vibrant. The Cyclops X1-1200P from GAMDIAS is the newest piece of hardware released from the gaming company GAMDIAS. It boasts an RGB Fan with 26 different effects and an aesthetically unique chassis that is guaranteed to catch some looks.

GAMDIAS is a relatively new company founded in 2012, they are primarily focused on gear for gamers with a unique approach to improved design and ergonomics. The name GAMDIAS stands for "GAM - Gaming Art in Motion and DIAS meaning God", essentially game god. The company has its roots centered around gaming and that of the Greek mythos, which many of their product's take their name from.

While GAMDIAS might be relatively new to the industry, it does not change the passion and experience they bring to the market. If there is one thing gamers and enthusiasts alike have in common, it's the need for the utmost performance and reliability. GAMDIAS has been kind enough to give us an opportunity to check out their latest entry into the PSU market and we are eager to see just exactly what it has to offer.