EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W Power Supply Review

EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W

Performance: 10/10 (40% of the final score)
The performance on this unit was almost mind blowing. Improved ripple control as well as reliability and efficiency improvements. It doesn't get better than this and that's why we can't take anything away from the SuperNova G3, it has proven itself and that it's here to stay.

Features: 9.9/10 (20% of the final score)
While the feature list remains modest, EVGA did make noticeable improvements and changes. The first being the smaller 150mm chassis, the second being the quieter and more reliable fan. While EVGA did make great improvements, we are making a very small deduction of points due including the same cables from prior generations. This isn't to say they are bad, they are very high-quality cables, which is why I'm mentioning this in the feature section. It would have been nice to see high quality ribbon cables or maybe even individually sleeved cables. This does come down to opinion and preference so it's a very small deduction.

Components/Build Quality: 10/10 (20% of the final score)
If we take an honest look at the unit, it has only improved itself since the previous generation in regard to build quality and its component list. The cables are high quality, the chassis is smaller and more compact, the fan is higher quality, all Japanese capacitors, improved eco switch. What more could you ask for from this unit?

Value: 9.8/10 (20% of the final score)
At the time of writing the EVGA SuperNova G3 1000w unit is going for ~$179.99 after a $20 rebate. Coming in at roughly the same price as Corsair's offering and about ~$30 less than Seasonic's Gold offering, the EVGA SuperNova is a great deal. However, this is taking into account the rebate. Without the rebate, the Corsair unit is slightly more affordable and already presents very stiff competition.





Components/Build Quality




Final Score 9.94


EVGA has delivered another home run PSU with its next generation SuperNova units. It's surprising to look back at the previous G2 units and think about what really could be improved. They were fantastic units that garnered some of the highest scores and accolades. However, EVGA has never been a company to halt innovation or improvement. The SuperNova G3 is a forced to be reckoned with in the PSU arena and I do not suspect there will be many others that can rival it. If you are looking for a high performance, heavy duty, and extremely reliable unit, look no further than the EVGA SuperNova G3. This unit has proven its quality and design which makes us only even more excited for the even higher efficiency offerings.

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EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W

EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W Power Supply

10 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

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