be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W Power Supply Review

be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W

The be quiet! Straight Power 10 700w CM is a semi modular power supply. The Straight Power 10 is 80 Plus Gold certified which allows the unit to run at up to 92% efficiency while under load. There is no mentioned of all Japanese capacitors, upon further inspection I can confirm this is true with the large abundance of caps being Teapo branded from Taiwan. This isn't to say they are bad capacitors, but I have to assume this was done for cost concern as opposed to reliability.

be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W Cooling

The Straight Power 10 features a 130mm SilentWings 3 fan with an improved fan frame. be quiet! have gone the extra mile here and the fan design is actually really great. The fan blades have ridges to help cut down on air turbulence which creates excessive noise. The frame lends itself to be more focused on the airflow so air is less likely to escape from around the edges.

The SilentWings 3 is a fluid-dynamic bearing with a copper core which is supposed to reduce operating noise while providing a long-life span. be quiet! also uses a 6-pole fan motor design that will allow the fan to be much quieter even at lower speeds. The fan uses a special mount to reduce vibration and noise caused by direct mounting it the body.

be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W Connectors

The chassis does not disappoint, it has all of the great aspects of the original Dark Power Pro. The matte finish is really smooth and flawless. The Straight Power 10 without a doubt will compliment any build.

be quiet! provides a very generous 5-year warranty on the entire range of Straight Power 10 power supplies. That provides an exceptional value to the unit, but judging by the build quality alone, I do not suspect you will need to use it. be quiet! have been great about answering questions and I know without a doubt that their support will take care of any issues you might encounter. The Dark Power Pro we reviewed last year is still in use today and experiences close to 24/7 uptime. It's never had the slightest hiccup and has been a great unit overall, I fully expect this unit to live up to that same reliability.

be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W Connectors

The chassis for the Straight Power 10 is very similar to the Dark Power Pro we recently reviewed. The one big noticeable change that is immediately noticeable is the fan grill. It's an interesting design that is not only stylish, but also performs a particular function. It helps reduce the amount of air turbulence for the fan which in turn reduces the sound.

An interesting thing to note is that a large majority of the electrical components inside the chassis have been covered in a black shrink-wrap. I'm not entirely sure if the purpose of this is just aesthetics or if there is a real reason, but I thought it was worth noting regardless. It definitely helps the components disappear when peering into the chassis.

be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W

be quiet! Straight Power 10 700W Power Supply

5 Year Warranty, Semi Modular

80 PLUS Gold

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