be quiet! SFX L 500W Power Supply Review

be quiet! SFX L Power 500W

Performance: 9.8/10 (40% of the final score)
The performance of the unit was quiet, but exhilarating. Power delivery was on point and the efficiency offered by the tiny unit was truly impressive. I really had hoped to see a slightly more impressive fan in this unit. be quiet! has such great original fan designs. We couldn't help but be slightly let down to not see a new 120mm fan design make its debut in the unit.

Features: 9.5/10 (20% of the final score)
The true highlight of the feature list is the form factor of the unit. It's refreshing to see something in-between the SFX and ATX categories. Not only do we get the excellent form factor, but be quiet! included a larger 120mm fan for quiet operation. I still would have preferred a hybrid fan mode just to provide an even more quiet experience. I can't overstate the importance of the included conversion bracket. It makes the unit ready to go into any standard case right out of the box.

Components/Build Quality: 9.8/10 (20% of the final score)
The build quality was a step above what I expected out of a small form factor unit. The chassis was specifically designed to meet be quiet!'s standards and I wouldn't have it any other way. The attention to detail is far beyond what most manufacturers provide even down wrapping internal components. The Dark Power Pro was one of the nicest built unit's we've had and this unit ranks up there right along with it. I just really wish the 20+4-Pin cable was a single ribbon rather than the slight mess it currently has.

Value: 9.8/10 (20% of the final score)
At the time of writing, Newegg has the be quiet! be quiet! SFX L Power 500W listed for $99.90. It is on par with competition. You cannot go wrong with SFX L Power 500W unit as it does not command an absorbent premium over the competition. The SFX-L Power would be an excellent addition to any rig.





Components/Build Quality




Final Score 9.74


The be quiet! SFX-L Power was quite a big change for the test bench. It's the first SFX-L unit we've ever tested and it did not disappoint us! be quiet! departed from the norm of their past units and we think it really has paid off. Not only did they produce an excellent high-performance unit, but the build quality was exceptional and the feature set really helped to drive home the experience. If you are looking for and SFX-L unit or you just need a bit of extra clearance space in your ATX case, the be quiet! SFX-L has plenty to offer on all fronts. If you are looking for silent, rock solid performance with exceptional build quality then this is the unit for you!

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be quiet! SFX L 500W Power Supply

3 Year Warranty, Semi Modular

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