be quiet! SFX L 500W Power Supply Review

be quiet! SFX L Power 500W

The be quiet! SFX L Power has been an interesting unit. It's the first SFX-L form factor unit that we've ever had on the bench and it does a few things differently for be quiet! as well. On one hand, I was surprised to see a generic fan in the unit. Secondly, be quiet! chose a different OEM for this unit compared to its other models.

Since this is an SFX-L unit, I don't expect the heat to cause as much of a problem as it might on the smaller SFX units. It does have a 120mm fan which should be sufficient for cooling. We are still blocking off intake for the case in an effort to raise ambient temperatures during testing. What is most curious is the sound produced by the unit. I'm happy to report that the fan has remained relatively quiet. It's not loud enough to overpower the fans on the GPU, but it is not as quiet as some of the full sized ATX units like the Dark Power Pro. However, considering most units of this size use smaller fans like 92mm and 80mm, the 120mm is a fantastic upgrade and really helps to keep the unit quiet even under load.

The be quiet! SFX L Power showed up during testing ready to perform and solidifying itself as a serious contender. Power response and efficiency were big highlights during testing, the SFX L Power performed without incident and met the Gold Plus Gold cert with flying colors. be quiet! decided to change things up for this unit, but it looks to have really paid off. The build quality was great and the soldering job did not disappoint.

Power delivery from the unit was reliable and completely constant. We did not encounter any issues during an hour-long session of stress testing with aida64. The remainder of our Performance testing saw a few long sessions of gaming while the case built up ambient temps. The fan remained active at all times, but it was not noticeable outside the case. The be quiet! SFX L Power would make a great ATX replacement especially for anyone seeking to just tidy up their rig or squeeze in any extra space for ambitious radiator mounts.

be quiet! has yet again proven why they are the premier power supply manufacturer in Germany. Not only for Germany, but they do indeed deserve the international attention and spotlight for exceptional units and build quality. This unit steps out from the typical product line and is truly inspiring on what may come from the company in the future. Overall, this has been an exceptional unit that leaves us ready to see what else the company has to offer in the coming year.

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be quiet! SFX L 500W Power Supply

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