be quiet! SFX L 500W Power Supply Review

be quiet! SFX L Power 500W

As I stated earlier, we are very excited that be quiet! offered the SFX L Power as a fully modular unit. The back of the unit absolutely confirms this as we can see absolutely zero cables attached. While I think the labeling on the back of the unit could be slightly confusing, the pin counts differ for each socket. I don't suspect anyone can plug in the cables improperly, nice work be quiet!!

be quiet! SFX L Power 500W

The SFX L unit has a nice sleek look. In previous reviews, we have seen some rather bare bones SFX units on the bench. That's not a bad thing, they are meant to fit in the smallest of spaces and in many scenarios, are not ever seen outside the case. The SFX L Power aims to break that trend though. The chassis isn't overstated, but adds the extra touch of a stamped be quiet! logo along with the large open fan grill.

be quiet! SFX L Power 500W

Cables types included are 1x 20+4-Pin ATX cable (300mm), 1x EPS/ATX12V cable (400), 2x 6+2-Pin PCI-E Connector (400mm and 500mm), 3x Molex (300/500/700mm), 6x SATA connectors (300/450/500/600/650/800mm). The cables included are completely black and of the ribbon variety. Like I mentioned on previous SFX units, the ribbon cables are really the way to go for these types of builds. The flexibility afforded by the ribbons makes routing and hiding cables much easier in small form factor builds.

In comparison to some of the SFX units we've seen, the SFX-L offers increased cable length. While that might seem obvious, it's an interesting aspect to note since many users may choose to use the be quiet! SFX L Power in a normal ATX case. The SFX-L Power provides an ample set of connectors even for a smaller unit.

The one gripe I always have in regard to ribbon cables is the use of multiple ribbons rather than the use of a single seamless ribbon. In the case of the SFX L Power, only the 20+4-Pin ATX cable seemed to have this problem. The ATX cable has a total of five separate ribbons. I know what you are thinking, it's not the end of the world! I completely agree, but I still have to point out these finer details.

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be quiet! SFX L 500W Power Supply

3 Year Warranty, Semi Modular

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