Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium Power Supply Review

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

Performance: 10/10 (40% of the final score)
Exceptional performance, my new favorite PSU. The efficiency is astounding and left us really impressed with the titanium unit. Seasonic aptly named the unit as it showcases a manufacturer that is clearly in their prime and will continue putting out amazing units for years to come.

Features: 9.9/10 (20% of the final score)
The Seasonic Prime has a subtle, but innovative feature set. I loved the internal design choices that went into this unit and it made me feel even better about the quality of the hardware I'm putting into my system. If I were to have the smallest of nitpick it would be the Hybrid button on the back of the unit. I really would have preferred a switch in this case so that it would be less likely to be accidentally turned ON/OFF.

Components/Build Quality: 10/10 (20% of the final score)
One of if not the best build quality we have seen on the bench. From the rigidity of the unit, to the high-quality components and build specifications. Seasonic took the Prime series to the brink of perfection and I don't think I could even suggest improvement to the components or build quality, it's just that good.

Value: 10/10 (20% of the final score)
At the time of writing, Newegg has the Seasonic Prime 650w for $149.99 with a $20 rebate, making the unit only $129.99. The closest model from the competition is a 600w Titanium unit that is $140. I think it goes without saying that the Seasonic Prime is an exceptional value. Even when comparing it to a 750w unit, it's still cheaper and if needed you could step up to the same unit at 750w for still less than the competition. Seasonic has a real winner here and it's no surprise to see it as the flagship model for the company.





Components/Build Quality




Final Score 9.98


In the end, the Seasonic Prime Titanium 650w is one of the most impressive units we have ever had on the test bench. It has the entire package, the looks, the features, the quality components, and most importantly amazing performance. It is an exceptionally well rounded unit, that is offered at a great price point. Seasonic has proven why they are the frontrunners in the power supply industry and it’s going to be interesting to see how the competitive responds to the Prime lineup. The Prime Titanium 650w is an almost perfect unit and we highly recommend it.

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Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium Power Supply

10 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

80 PLUS Titanium

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