Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium Power Supply Review

With so many great things to say about the Seasonic Prime Titanium it all comes back around full circle when we start talking about the performance. A unit could have a solid 10 rating across the board, but if it falters during performance those numbers are no longer relevant. I'm happy to report that the unit met and exceeded all our expectations.

The consistency of this unit is amazing. It really has pushed the boundaries of what we have seen on the bench and makes me excited not just for Seasonic's future, but with what the competition is going to have to bring to combat these units. It's not often that Seasonic unveils an entirely new architecture, but when they do they certainly have something to show for it. The performance of the Prime Titanium 650w has blown away the competition.

Heat dissipation never proved to be a problem for the Prime. I cycled the unit between both Hybrid and normal operation. Hybrid mode performed adequately, the unit remained very quiet and only in a few instances was I able to get the fan to kick in. The fan in this unit is so quiet, that I prefer to just let it operate in normal mode.

The unit performed flawlessly under heavy load. While I can't push max wattage from my system, I am able to sustain a higher wattage during stress testing. Unfortunately, our secondary rig with the dual GTX 770's is out of commission so this time I had to use a GTX 980 for our test GPU. The Prime Titanium never showed any sign of breaking a sweat. Even in a room with 82F ambient temperature, the unit continued to perform without issue. I was able to push our i7-4970k to its thermal limits, but the Seasonic Prime remained steady and ongoing throughout the entire process.

The unit has performed amazingly, I've had it on the test bench for two weeks and I couldn't be happier with it. I would love to see how one of the larger 1000w+ units perform. I'm genuinely impressed by this 650w unit and I don't know what if anything else I would recommend for anyone seeking the absolute best from a 650w unit. Seasonic has impressed me, they've made me a believer, and have left me anxious to see what the future holds for the new Prime lineup. I think it's an exceptional platform that is going to cause a stir in the market.

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium Power Supply

10 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

80 PLUS Titanium

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