Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium Power Supply Review

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

The Seasonic Prime 650w is a fully modular unit which holds the impressive 80 Plus Titanium certification. This means that the Seasonic Prime is guaranteed to achieve 94 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. This is the most efficient unit we've seen on the test bench and I am eager to find out what else the Seasonic 650w Prime has in store for us.

Like many of the recent units we've seen on the test bench, there has been a huge emphasis for manufacturers to improve upon cooling efficiency while providing the quietest experience possible. Seasonic acknowledges this trend as well and in the case of the Prime PSU they have chosen to implement a 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan. These fans are known to be more efficient, ultra-quiet, extremely reliable, and produce less heat than other competing designs. It's a high-quality component and while there are many variations in the market, I like that the Prime is equipped with this one.

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

We've encountered numerous different designs when it comes to fan control on PSU units. While some models use a built-in controller, others allow the use to toggle on more passive cooling. Much like the EVGA Eco mode, Seasonic has implemented a Hybrid mode. This mode can be toggled on with a push button switch on the back of the unit. When enabled, the PSU will run in an almost passive cooling mode and will only exercise its use of the fan only if necessary. This is achieved by measuring power usage and temperature thresholds. It's a great option since it can substantially cut down on ambient fan noise, but still offers solid cooling when needed.

An incredibly important factor, then can often times be overlooked especially when making a quick decision in store is the warranty. Despite the slightly higher purchase cost for a Titanium unit, Seasonic has offered a whopping 10-year warranty. Based on the quality we have already seen with the unit; Seasonic know how great this unit is and that it will not have a problem outliving its warranty.

The Prime Titanium series is equipped with Micro Tolerance Load Regulation (MTLR). This helps to keep the output voltage of the unit to under 0.5% load regulation. The Prime Titanium lineup is shaping up to be a set of performance driven PSU's ready to handle any task from even the most avid enthusiast.

While we are still looking at innovative feature set, it must be noted that Seasonic took numerous large leaps in the design on the Prime Titanium units. One departure from the norm is the implementation of what is called a Cable-Free Connection Design. Seasonic has long sought to improve production quality and claim they have achieved this while also improving the quality of the output power of the unit. By using a copper plate instead of individually soldered wires for the back plate and PCB, I believe Seasonic really has accomplished this. The new connector should significantly cut down on production errors. In theory, it would also make output power more consistent across all units where in other cases poor soldering may result in poor connection quality.

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

What can I say, the chassis is beautiful. The contrast between the matte black paint scheme and the chrome fan cover and accents make for a sleek and sexy unit. Even the sides of the unit remind me of a sports car with its aerodynamic design. The chassis feels like it is built like a tank, exhibiting absolutely no amount of flex. It is what I would define as the definition of quality and excellence. It reminds me quite a bit of the Dark Power Pro 11 that we reviewed from BeQuiet previously. Seasonic got everything right about this unit in regards to features and appeal.

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium

Seasonic Prime 650W Titanium Power Supply

10 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

80 PLUS Titanium

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