Enermax Platimax DF 1200W Power Supply Review

Enermax Platimax DF 1200W

In recent reviews, we've spoke about how the trend for PSU's seems to be going to smaller units. However, it's been very exciting to have some of the larger units make their way onto the test bench. This week is no exception as Enermax a company long known as innovators and trendsetters in the PSU market, are now looking to extend their reach once again.

Enermax, which has always been incredibly generous, went ahead and sent us their 1200w Platimax D.F. unit. This unit is going to be very fun to review, and we look forward to putting it through its paces. The last Enermax we had on the test bench was the Revolution SFX, while it was a great unit, it wasn't quite the powerhouse that the Platimax seeks to be.

If there is one thing we've learned, it's that Enermax isn't afraid to change and evolve their units. It will be interesting to see the differences and feature set on this new unit compared to what we have encountered in the past. Has Enermax continued to push the trend with this new unit or have they failed to learn from past mistakes?

Enermax Platimax DF 1200W

Enermax Platimax DF 1200W Power Supply

5 Year Warranty, Fully Modular

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