Cooler Master V Series 550W Power Supply Review

Cooler Master V Series 550W

Cooler Master has thus far included three high-end V units by Seasonic with fully modular cabling designs and four mid-end VSM units featuring semi-modular cabling designs by Enhance Electronics in its portifolio. The company only recently added to their flagship V line with three new V models with capacities ranging from 550 W to 750 W. All of these also feature a fully modular cabling design and a high quality Silencio fan. With the inclusion of these new members, Cooler Master now has a high-end line that covers a wide wattage range.

We don't have any information on whether the older VSM (Semi-Modular) units will continue to be available as well, which would give potential buyers a wider range of options to pick from. However, such a move would most likely adversely affect the sales figures of these lower capacity V units, especially if the price difference to their VSM counterparts is as large as it is right now.

Currently, the smallest member of the V line is the V550, which, as its model number implies, has a capacity of 550 W. The PSU features a fully modular design, 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, and a 3D circuit design Cooler Master says to increase efficiency. Given our experience with the VSM550, which leads our low-loads efficiency chart with a huge lead over the competition, we don't have a reason to doubt Cooler Master's statement. All three V units are based on the same platform as their corresponding VSM PSUs, and the only major difference, aside from their fully modular design, seems to be in the 3D circuit design for the secondary side. As we will see in this review, this design actually consists of a PCB that replaces the cables used to transfer power on the modular panel, which minimizes energy losses, especially at higher loads where voltage drops on cables can seriously affect efficiency.

Cooler Master V Series 550W

Cooler Master V Series 550W Power Supply

80 PLUS Gold Certification

Powerful single +12V rail

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