Enermax Revolution X't II 650W Power Supply Review

I tested the Revolution X't II over the course of a week. While not scientific, my testing ranged from typical use cases such as surfing the web, multi-hour gaming sessions, and a bit of conservative overclocking. During the test period I made it a point to leave my PC running for long hours. Throughout this time, I never experienced any system instability.

The fan lives up to the promised hype. I found that it remained quiet and virtually unnoticeable while gaming and surfing the web. However, that changed when exposed to periods of high system load. While this can be expected, I found the fan noise completely acceptable under load as I quickly realized that my CPU's water pump was the loudest component in my system.

Enermax Revolution X't II

The Revolution X't II met all of my performance expectations and proved to be a top performer. The ribbon cables were excellent for maneuvering in small spaces and I had no fitment issues during the install. While I can't really speak to its long-term reliability, I feel completely confident that it would last the lifespan of my current system. Overall, it's a great performer with little to no drawbacks.

Can it be improved?

While I find the design of the Revolution X't II to be great, there is always room for improvements. One area I felt that to be true was in regards to the ribbon cables. Don't get me wrong, they work great and are better than your typical cables. However, the split ribbon design for the 24P Motherboard cable and the 8P CPU cable created more confusing cable clutter rather than being useful. I'm not sure what the intention was splitting the cables, but it made cable management more of a hassle then it had to be. Ideally, I would have preferred this unit to be completely modular, but it doesn't really hurt it in any regards.

Enermax Revolution X't II

Enermax Revolution X't II

Enermax Revolution X't II 650W Power Supply

ATX12V / EPS12V, Semi-Modular

80 PLUS GOLD Certified

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