Enermax Revolution X't II 650W Power Supply Review

At first glance, the attention to detail has been superb. From the fit and finish, all the way down to the packaging the Revolution X't II oozes with excellence. In many cases, the packaging of a product can say a lot about it. It's the first thing the consumer sees in the store. In this case I think the Revolution X't II is a perfect representation of the product. Everything was packaged very tightly in neat and no-nonsense manner.

The Revolution X't II utilizes one of the more practical power supply designs I have seen. It is built by CWT (Channel Well Technologies) for Enermax and looks to be a solid platform. The housing is not unnecessarily over-built, but proved to be amply sturdy with only a minimal amount of flex on the sleeved sides. The open and simple design allows for higher airflow throughout the components while making it an easy fit in even the most cramped cases.

Enermax Revolution X't II

However, it doesn't focus its space saving efforts by just having a more simplistic housing. It carries this notion forward and incorporates a semi-modular cable design. The motherboard and CPU power cables are both native, this means they are attached like a traditional power supply. However, the remaining VGA, SATA, and Molex cables are all modular. Even though it has two native cables, you really are still only using the cables you need. The innovation did not stop there, the Revolution X't II uses all ribbon style cables, which allow for better flexibility in cable management, and for many scenarios will make the cables easier to hide throughout the case.

One of the best feature additions to the Revolution X't II is the inclusion of Enermax's Patented HeatGuard technology. While HeatGuard might sound like a type of heat sink, in all actuality it is an operation of the PSU, which allows the fan to continue spinning for 30-60 seconds after your computer has already been shutdown. This allows for any residual system heat to dissipate, which should help prolong the life of your PSU and other PC components.

Enermax Revolution X't II

Enermax gives its nod to computer enthusiasts and gamers by putting a large focus on airflow and cooling. The Revolution X't II aims to reduce ambient temperatures inside your case by incorporating a large 13.9cm high airflow twister bearing fan and utilizing a more airflow friendly housing design. Gamers can really appreciate this since the worst thing to stop your gaming addiction is an overheating component. The new twister-bearing fan isn't designed just to increase airflow, but to also reduce noise and improve the fan's operating life.

Enermax Revolution X't II

Enermax Revolution X't II 650W Power Supply

ATX12V / EPS12V, Semi-Modular

80 PLUS GOLD Certified

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