Enermax Digifanless 550W Power Supply Review

Enermax Digifanless

In today's market we've seen numerous trends develop. These can range from improvements to efficiency or to things like fully modular units. The latest emerging trend has been the need for quieter systems. Power supplies are no exception, as their use of fans tends to contribute to this unwanted noise. Many companies have sought to address this issue with new fan designs. However, today we are taking a look at a new unit from Enermax that seeks to remove the issue entirely and silence all of the competition.

Enermax is a company known to be a trendsetter in the power supply market. They continue to push the boundaries of performance and design. Today is no different as we take a look at the Digifanless, Enermax's latest all-digital unit.

Enermax Digifanless

Enermax Digifanless 550W Power Supply

Fanless design, Fully Modular

80 PLUS Platinum

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